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Daily Deals: Discounts on Collectibles at GameStop, Lego Yoda on Sale at Amazon - IGN - IGN
We could all use a little more Yoda in our lives, and this deal on his LEGO version is the perfect way to make it happen.

The World Needs More Pastel Cars - Jalopnik
Life is simply too short to live in grayscale, no matter what any of those ‘the most popular car color is once again silver’ studies claims. In fact, it’s about damn time we even start moving past bright primary colors. It’s time for some soft, beautiful past…

Battlefield 6 Plot Details Leak Online -
It's nearly May and Electronic Arts has yet to say much in a public manner this year when it comes to Battlefield 6. The latest installment in the long-running shooter franchise is poised to arrive later on in 2021 but outside of a handful of details, there's…

Facebook’s social audio plans include podcast discovery and a Clubhouse clone -
Announcements, including a Spotify partnership, are coming on Monday, but some products won’t show up for a while.

Nintendo of America and Its President Doug Bowser Are Suing Hacker Gary Bowser - IGN
Nintendo of America and its president Doug Bowser have filed a lawsuit against alleged Team Xecuter leader Gary Bowser for infringing on Nintendo's copyright by creating and selling Nintendo Switch hacking devices. We're not kidding.

Hallmark Reveals Nintendo, Fortnite, Pokemon, and More Ornaments for 2021 -
As is typical, Hallmark has revealed a number of 'Keepsake' ornaments that will be available for the holidays this year, which includes a bunch of different video game-related ornaments. Included in the batch of 2021 ornaments are Charizard, an Enderman from …

Watch Hummer EV Prototypes CrabWalk On A Public Road - Jalopnik
One of the coolest features about the new GMC Hummer electric vehicles is CrabWalk—but we have yet to see it in action out in the wild. Well, at least, until now.

Why Resident Evil 4 Makes Perfect Sense For VR (And What Needs Changing) - UploadVR
Resident Evil 4 makes perfect sense for VR. Let's walk you through why he have high hopes for the Quest 2 port.

Apple's 512GB Mac Mini M1 returns to a record-low $800 at Amazon - Engadget
Apple's M1 Mac Mini with 512GB storage has returned to a record-low $800 price at Amazon.

‘Don’t complain if there’s no sequel if you didn’t buy it full price’ says Days Gone developer - VG247
Days Gone director John Garvin has responded to the unraveling story about Days Gone 2.The writer and creative director of Days Gone took to David Gaffe’…

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