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Copilot is a subscription personal finance tracker aiming to kill Mint - TechCrunch
When Intuit acquired Mint more than a decade ago, mobile was in a different place — as were tech-enabled financial services. There hasn’t been much progress for the personal finance tracker app category in the meantime. Mint has stumbled along with integratio…

Performance-oriented “Pro” mode for Macs found in latest macOS beta - Ars Technica
"Apps may run faster, but battery life may decrease, and fan noise may increase."

Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield - Explore the Wild Area - Nintendo Switch - Nintendo
Check out the natural beauty of the wild area and explore the untamed wilderness! Learn More: #PokemonSwordShield #NintendoS...

The EU's decision to force USB-C on smartphones is a bad idea with good intentions - Android Central
Forcing companies to use USB-C is a really great move in many ways — but its implementation won't be free of compromise, and could stifle innovation in chargers, cables and ports going forward.

Five Mac Apps Worth Checking Out - January 2020 - MacRumors
Apps designed for the Mac often don't receive as much attention as apps designed for iPhones and iPads, so we have a series here at MacRumors...

The Elder Scrolls Online: The Dark Heart of Skyrim - Official Announcement Cinematic Trailer - GameSpot
The Dark Heart of Skyrim beats from the depths in The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor, the latest adventure in the Elder Scrolls saga. A chilling evil from th...

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Getting Six More DLC Characters - GameSpot
Fighters Pass Vol. 2 will include six additional DLC characters for the Switch fighting game, and you can get a special Mii Fighter costume by purchasing it.

DOOM Eternal - Story Trailer Breakdown - IGN
The new story-driven trailer for DOOM Eternal made quite a splash when it dropped on Tuesday. And if you're anything like us, some of the finer points of the...

Why Google added little logos next to search results this week - CNBC
Google changed how it displayed its search results, adding small logos to clarify the information's source

This X-ray machine looks like it's straight out of Star Trek - Engadget
Medical imaging tools like X-rays and CT scans are some of the best ways to detect potential health problems. But as common as they are here in the US, those...

Australia Fire Relief Humble Bundle will donate all proceeds to charity - Polygon
One hundred percent of proceeds from the new charity Humble Bundle, which includes games developed by Australian studios that made Hollow Knight and Void Bastards, will be donated to Australian wildlife charities.

Super Crush KO - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch - Nintendo
Super Crush KO is a fast-paced brawler set in a vibrant, near-future city. Zip up your favorite neon jacket and combo your way through swarms of deadly robot...

Check Out The Overwatch League’s Fancy New Designer Uniforms - Kotaku
Who needs commentators when the players look so good? The Overwatch League has teamed with legendary streetwear designer Jeff Staple to create an “authentic player kit” for each of the league’s 20 teams. It’s so fancy.

What Google’s Latest Data Privacy Announcement Actually Means - Slate
As for what this means for the average internet user, like many things related to privacy online, the effects are unclear.

Leaked Huawei P40 Pro renders show off design, reveal launch colors - PhoneArena
The Huawei P40 and P40 Pro have appeared in a set of press renders. They corroborate the design of both phones and reveal all five launch colors, including a cool gradient finish.

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