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New Surface Leak Reveals Microsoft's Confident Challenger - Forbes
Microsoft has announced a major launch event in New York where it is widely expected to reveal the latest Windows 10-powered Surface hardware, and it looks like there could be a surprise in store for Surface fans.

Google Camera 7.0 bug report reveals work on performance enhancements, Android 10 “Rules”, and internal Screen Recorder app - XDA Developers
A bug report within the Google Camera 7.0 app reveals work on improving startup performance and also shows Android 10 Rules and a screen recorder app.

Samsung's Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines could merge next year - PhoneArena
Samsung could choose to merge the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines into one next year. The South Korean giant is reportedly planning to integrate the S Pen into the existing Galaxy S series and ...

Gears 5 Ending Explained | Screen Rant - Screen Rant
The campaign of Gears 5 has a thrilling and chaotic conclusion. Here's a rundown of exactly what happens as part of the Gears 5 ending.

I Can't Stop Looking at These Perfect Final Fantasy VII Figures - Gizmodo
We live in a truly incredible time for action figures—whether you’re wanting to spend a couple hundred bucks or even just twenty, you can get well articulated, highly detailed recreations of some of your favourite characters from all sorts of shows, movies, c…

Verizon will launch home 5G everywhere mobile service is available - Engadget
It could be ubiquitous... whenever 5G is actually available near you.

Apex Legends reveal new Ranked Mode rewards for end of Series 1 - Dexerto
Rewards have been unveiled for the end of the first series of Apex Legends' ranked play.

This Chevy Camaro Has Turned To The Dark Side, Sith Lords Don’t Approve - Carscoops
Underneath this badly executed body kit, which comes bundled with all sorts of unusual add-ons, lies a sixth-gen Camaro.

Laptop Review: HP Spectre x360 vs. Dell XPS 13 - Forbes
How does the HP Spectre x360 compare with the Dell XPS 13?

Hearthstone pro under fire for playing Autochess on phone at tournament - Dexerto
The pro player was distracted from another game on his phone live during a Hearthstone tournament.

Pokemon Go Community Day (September 2019) Is Today: Start Times, Shiny Turtwig, Event Move, And More - GameSpot
Pokemon Go's Turtwig Community Day has finally arrived; here's everything you need to know about this month's event.

iPhone 11 vs iPhone 11 Pro comparison: Which should you buy? - 9to5Mac
When it comes to the iPhone 11 vs iPhone 11 Pro, there are several key differences worth considering. Read on as we break it all down.

Pokemon Sword and Shield mystery SOLVED by fans ahead of Nintendo Switch release date - Express
POKEMON Sword and Shield is teasing the appearance of another new Pocket Monster, as theories emerge about the mysterious creature.

Borderlands 3 on consoles: Use ‘resolution mode,’ say experts - Polygon
As Borderlands 3 players complain of slipshod performance within the first week of the game’s launch, Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry examined the console version’s framerates and found “some puzzling technical decisions,” but vouches for gameplay overall.

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